AMPRNet Sweden

AMPRNet Sweden is a non-profit association of radio amateur organisations formed to manage and stimulate the use of the IPv4 delegation, the Swedish part of AMPRnet extended by ARDC and the ipv6 delegation 2001:6b0:4b::/48 extended by SUNET, the Swedish National Research and Education Network.

Besides experimental R&D and education, the network built based on these address spaces is used to support organisations nvolved in emergency response activities.

Since May 2013, the Swedish IPv4 allocation is announced out of SSVL (AS8973), a research network at KTH under SUNET, and offered transit to Internet via SUNET with gateways all over Sweden.

Radio amateur clubs all over the country, are offered to connect reseources of interest for society to Internet, directly via a SUNET point of presence (map), or indirectly via an institution connected to SUNET. Examples of such resources include analog and digital repeaters, remotely controlled radio sations, sensor networks for environment monitoring, different sorts of radio beacons, etc. The cooperation bewteen the radio amateurs, their organisations and SUNET is based on a joint interest to cooperate on emergency communication.

The deployment of is coordinated on a regional basis according to the emergency response organisation of Sweden.

If you want to participate or just follow the development, you are welcome to join the email list Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den. .

A brief presentation is available here